Who am I?

Photography, cooking, gig rowing, coxing, cycling on my Brompton, running, climbing, reading, writing, blogging, instagram, travelling, hill-walking, coastal walking, camping, surfing the net, people, places, things, archaeology, history, science, the future, the past, the now and the nearly now, cafes, good coffee, better cake, people watching, listening to laughter, feeling sad, my nephews, my nieces, my brother, my sister-in-law, my cousins and half-brothers, the memory of my father and mother, new lands, old lands, mountains, rivers, lakes, foggy beaches, running my fingertips over stone/wood/steel/things shaped by hand/nature, mad people, crazy people, calm people, bookshops, secondhand bookshops, looking, hunting for books, taste sensations, adventure, far horizons, mystery, captivation, lying back on the ground staring at the sky, giggling til I hurt and cry, nostalgia, living in my head, prying into yours, dancing, eating, understanding, trying to understand, compassion, rare friendships, first kisses, touch of skin, electric lips, gazing and not saying anything, playing computer games, never finishing them, listening to music alone in the house, the first page of a favourite book, a new book, the cat coming to say hello, my mothers cooking, my brother's phonecalls, trains, planes, shanks pony, sunshine, walking in the rain, screaming into a gale, scared of heights, looking down, scared of depths, canoeing, ponytails, awakebutnotawakepillowovermyhead, my friends, helping, being alone, not being alone, daydreaming, details, craftmanship, wonder, inspired genius, watching the sun go down, a quiet pint, a smile, a nod, a stranger, poetry, plays, a good movie, popcorn, cheese and onion sandwiches, playing one last game, being early, tidy-at-work-not-so-at-home, feeling happy, very early mornings, very late nights, cities asleep on foot, crunch of sand, the whisper of water, those last aching tendrils of a dream, being me, meeting you.