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odds and ...

I have spent the last few days listening to Zoe Keating's excellent newalbum, Into the Trees. Ms Keating is well known as a cellist of high ability and innovative creativity, and I found that this album more than cements this reputation. I already know that this is the perfect writing album for me, with each track seeming to represent different thematic and emotional motifs.

I used to live with a cellist and there are few instruments that so readily reach into me and seem to 'fill' me with their sound. Skilfully played the cello reverberates and echoes emotion with a sincerity and depth that is both resonant and moving. Definitely one of my favourite instruments to listen to.


Last night's (well, tonight, this is being posted in the a.m.) run was pretty disastrous, especially as the run the night before was one of my best ever. It was incredibly hard work after the first half a mile and I only managed to run 2 of the target 4 miles before my legs gave out.

I can pinpoint several factors; I am eating and sleeping very badly at the moment and I need to get a handle on these two things pretty quickly to give me the best chance of meeting this challenge. The other contributing factor is that I am used to running twice a week, so hammering two on the trot in the first week was always going to be hard. We shall see what happens in Friday (tomorrow), especially as I meant to be playing badminton today (yay!).


I had forgotten how delicious capers are. Yum.

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