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the monkey and other things

Three nights ago I started tweeting a little story. Like many stories it came out of nowhere, didn't start as a story and was born from an overwhelming sense of tiredness and a random moment of whimsy. And then several more tweets rolled out, describing and emoting what life was like for this monkey. And some people seemed to like it.

The next evening I continued, and again last night. And some people still seemed to like it. Most were silent (not unexpected) and some quite non-plussed.

That aside, the effect on me has been interesting. I have written the tweets and posted them just as I am about to go to bed, usually when I am at my most tired and most fretful (I don't like having to sleep). And yet, post-posting I feel calmer, quieter, almost peaceful.

I guess this is to do with the place the monkey inhabits. I know it well. It is peaceful, and yet it has it's mysteries and it's dangers and is as full of adventure as it is of serenity. It is the very earliest backdrop to a story I have been living with and writing for many, many years now, and this little tale's unexpected birth has been, I don't know, welcome.

Like a lot of stories it is a little bit of a metaphor, a little tale to tell, and a little bit of catharsis at the end of the day. It is, though, mostly about a little monkey.


Some days you have to be brave. Some days you have take the opportunities that come along and embrace them fully, no matter what your fears may be. You have to accept the outcomes and the consequences, because the only thing truly lost is the paralysis of self. Who knows where such moments of blind, courageous optimism may take you?


My ((roughty-toughty)man)bag usually contains: Swiss army knife, netbook, waterproof bag, moleskin note/sketchbook, pens, pencils, highlighters, ipod, headphones, wallet, camera, mobile phone, a novel or travelogue, a book of poetry, emergency fruit bar things, paracetomol, usb stick, travel tissues, a carabiner, a light windproof/waterproof, sunglasses, normal glasses and assorted bits of junk.

What?! I like to travel light.



I love Sian's blog. It is astute, clever, personal, observational, creative and sharp. Just like Sian. Go and read.

When I asked twitter for music recommendations the other month, the stalwart Eyoki came back with Catbird and the Boban Markovic Orkestar. Both utterly brilliant.

Marmite. Awesome. Why am I even having to recommend this? Best on twice toasted crumpets, heavily buttered, so that the butter and Marmite ooze through. Scrumptious. And use the jar stuff, not that squeezy bottle rubbish.

...for the human voice...