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things to do

Interestingly, I wrote this last night as a scheduled post for tomorrow. It all came of the back of a very large list I wote a while ago regarding things I wanted to achieve but hadn't got around to yet; usually through sheer laziness but time, money and circumstance having their part to play too. Anyway, I zipped over to Mighty Girl's blog and noticed that she had a similar list as a permanent feature on her blog, which I really like. I'm not sure if it was an independent idea on my part or some sort of subconcious-osmosis-mental-meme-thing, but here's my slightly less comprehensive list:

  • further education - photography, anthropoly or achaeology - check on the hat and whip
  • more portraiture - not yet
  • learn to swim properly - nada
  • take up climbing again - affirmative - it hurts
  • jumpstart the running - kinda-sorta-justabout
  • learn a new language - nope
  • walk/climb some mountains - done some, loads to go
  • eat healthily - yes and no
  • take up martial arts again - looking into it
  • read through that pile of books - slowly getting there... but it keeps getting bigger!
  • procure a laptop - not allowed to
  • take the bro' climbing/walking - in planning
  • take more pictures - sporadic
  • reinvigorate the photoblog - um, stuttered a little
  • run a half-marathon - back into planning and doing
  • write the novel - stop-start-stop-start
  • watch Pan's Labyrinth - I bought it but haven't watched it
  • walk the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path - did a good chunk of it this summer
  • walk some really crazy walk - need to think about it
  • become a mountain leader - planning
  • cook my own bread - done/doing
  • take the LT walking - done
  • set-up blog - done
  • set-up photoblog - done but need to maintain
  • change the career - in planning

There is whole lot more, and some are probably defunct now, and others will have been added, so i suppose there is as much interest in how the list changes as well as what actually get's done, but I guess that is a very personal interest.

the trouble with blogging