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book blogs

Despite being online and reading books for years I have only just recently stumbled into the world of book-blogging (where everything and anything about books is discussed). To this end I have created a set of links under books in the blogroll bit to your right with some of the frankly fab blogs/websites that I have started following/reading/enjoying. I have deep love for science fiction and fantasy from the 30's through to 70's and I so far haven't seen anything that really covers this. I am toying with the idea of setting up my little blog to this end, as I have read and loved (and occasionally hated) so much of these genres from these periods. It won't be of the quality of these guys and girls to the right, but it will be something.

It will also give me (not that I need one) an excuse to surround myself with lovely stacks of the relevant books, to re-read and re-enjoy, and to quantify what they mean to me and why they should be read. There is a hell of a lot of classic, clever and inventive writing out there, undiscovered or more often than not, sadly forgotten.

Okay, I think I have just convinced myself to do this. Now to think of a suitably appropriate and odd name for said blog...

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