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The last week has been a hugely important one for me, on a very personal level, with three key moments that very much needed to go well. And they did, thankfully. I am always astounded at what or who life can throw at you, how it can change and turn your life upside down so unexpectedly, and in so many ways, with such varying consequence. Life has done that to me; I am re-assessing, re-evaluating and reminiscing. I find myself in a situation completely unanticipated, and I find myself embracing it with with everything that I have. And, despite the risks inherent in such reckless disregard, I am fiercely willing to do whatever is necessary to make it work. I have to. I can't not do.

Sometimes the need for reflection and introspection needs to be balanced by action and change, by a willingness to experience life and take risks and be one hundred percent yourself. Sometimes you have to be brave and unplanned and open, abandoning caution and self-preservation for something or someone so utterly worthwhile you are left humbled and in awe.

And so I am.

Here's to being facing fears and being audacious. Here's to dreams and hopes and the reaching of them. Here's to Emily, who has come from nowhere to leave me stunned and vulnerable, transforming my world into a much better, more magical  place.

Here's to being, finally and at long last, me.

the idea of heroism