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jose on the run

It has been an odd few months and weeks, and finally I am in sight of the Cardiff Half. Am I scared? Not really (a smidgeon). Intimidated? A little. Excited? Oh yes. I have struggled with the training for it, I have found it hard and there have been many ups and downs. Of late, and this is in part to Emily, who has been hugely supportive and pushy as appropriate, it has been good. I finally feel like I can do this, but more importantly, I am very much enjoying the running.

Anyway, that aside, I am supporting the British Heart Foundation by way of this little run, so if you are inclined then please feel free to sponsor me here, or by way of the widget on the side bar over there to the right. The work the BHF does is wide-ranging and important and anything will be much appreciated.

Now... who wants to go for a run?

turf dancing

the idea of heroism