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I've just had to sit through 104 questions on an on-line questionnaire in preparation for an interview tomorrow. Ordinarily I don't mind this sort of thing, but I as have gotten older I have also gotten much crankier. The questionnaire is designed to test your peronality with respect to time management, relaxation,  social ease, ambition, management style and analytical slant, amongst other things. It did this by forcing you to choose between four statements, selecting one as the most like you and another as the least like you.

I think I managed to do a good job of contradicting myself, somewhat unintentionally. I understand why people do this sort of thing, but I can't help but think that all these tests and presentations, etc, do is demonstrate that you can take an online test, do a presentation, aren't likely to rampage through the company corridors with a small axe and a meat-grinder.

The last of which I am likely to do if I have to take another of these tests in the next week or so.


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