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odds and... yes, in september

I have been a bit distracted of late, as I have alluded to in previous posts. This happens when life changes direction unexpectedly. Luckily it has been in an extraordinarily positive way, which I feel quite fortunate for (about?). Anyway, another of my odds and sods posts... lead on, MacDuff (as they say)...


I recently discovered Johnny Cash's version of "If you could read my mind" and was blown away by it. One line in particular has stuck with me... "...but heroes often fail..."

As you may know, the theme of heroism is one that occupies and intrigues me, as do the themes of mortality and liminality (not a real word, but live with it).  There is something captivating about the idea of the aging hero or heroine, about failure and the consequences of such failure.  All sides have their heroes, those who epitomise the social and cultural aspirations and needs of their society, be they dark, enlightened or indifferent. And heroes often do fail, as there are always losers in any conflict.

Anyway, this central dual concept of failure and heroism is one I will be exploring in this year's NaNoWriMo. Attempting to at least. Ideas are afoot, a plotline is slowly evolving and characters edge their way closer to reality.

Sort of.

I have already learnt from last year's experience that my characters are apt to do their own thing in complete disregard for whatever half-baked scenario I had only just created, so I am only planning at a fairly high level, with certain key points anchoring the whole.

Sort of.


Who would have thought that playing a game or four of ten pin bowling could completely screw your (well, my) knee up?

Not me.

A week ago I took part in a work's team-building jolly to the local(ish) bowling alley. And spent the rest of the week nursing an incredibly sore knee, a marvellously grumpy hip and a very achy leg (all on the left, in case you were interested).

Luckily, lashings of tiger-balm and massages from Emily meant our 5-6 mile run on Friday was relatively successful and a lot of fun, not to mention gloriously picturesque.

So, another long run towards the end of this week (roughly 10 miles or more) and then the Mells Scenic Seven on Sunday 26th September, and then the final preparation for the Cardiff Half-marathon on October 17th.

Which reminds me, go and sponsor me, it is for a good cause and means I won't unleash the hell that is my version of The Dance of the Seven Veils on you. It's not pretty.


Okay, related to the above, I found this in a retro-chic place in Frome whilst on a wander with Emily... I will be wearing when I run the Cardiff Half, unless it chaffs, in which case I won't...


I am in good-book high spirits this weekend, I finally received Zero History by William Gibson. I loved Pattern Recognition and Spook Country and am very much looking forward to reading the concluding part of this (sort of) trilogy.

On a similar vein I picked up another Murakami (Dance Dance Dance) and a collection of poems (Hare) by Hugh Dunkerley. Awesome.

It is at this point I should point out I may have already purchased Hare on a previous book outing, but I don't think I have. I'm not looking though, just in case.


Last and by no means least, I am hugely proud of Emily, who took five minutes off of her previous time at this year's Bristol Half-Marathon, despite an almost complete lack of training. She also ran every step of the way, which is just a tremendous achievement.  [edited at Emily's request, who would like to point out that she did indeed do some training]


turf dancing