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NaNoWriMo 2010 #1 - Prelude

Last year, as you may well know, I found out about NaNoWriMo approximately two days before it began. Signing up, thinking about it, panicking about it and general procrastination led to me actually not accomplishing much in the way of preparatory work for the event. My novel from then now lies in two rough halves, with the chunk that works retaining its place in the overall storyline and the rest, well, the rest has been relegated to the "good scenes to include somewhen in something" pile. And, to be honest, my progress with last year's story remains painfully slow, partially through a lack of inspiration and partly because I have been really struggling with how I coherently develop one of the key story-lines. It may be something I have to come back to eventually.

Anyway, this year I have been determined to be better prepared, to have a story plan and characters ready to go on the day, instead of going through the ramshackle, enjoyable-stressful-enjoyable-stressful process I went through last year.

And, well, it hasn't been that successful to date. Theme(s) developed (heroism, failure, liminality), some characters pulled together (um, over the last two days, and a couple moved from the defunct NaNo 09 scenes).

I do have a story... it just needs a lot of thinking about... and a lot of work. We shall see. I may just wing it again.

And write something utterly ridiculous and over-the-top.

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