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odds and sods...

I have eaten today (toast and crackers) and that is good. This afternoon I spoke to two friends on Facebook, and it was nice.

Boo gave me this one little piece of advice (from her dad) which I quite like:

"If it is meant for you it won't pass you." I like that.

Additionally, I think I am going to take up kung-fu again. It has been a few years since I did it, but I enjoyed it then and I think I would enjoy it again. A few weeks ago I spent a little time one morning 'teaching' M one of the basic blocking forms, and I realised then how much I missed it. A conversation with my friend Kay earlier reminded me of that and she suggested I take it back up.

A good idea, I think.


I am watching Firefly, one of my favourite tv series every (Joss Whedon), even if only one series was ever made.

Part of the appeal of this series is the transient nature of the characters involved. They are mobile, moving from place to place, adventure to adventure. There is an appeal in this, in the mobility, the relative freedom and responsibility for one's self.

Life in the this world is less transient, less mobile. Businesses and lives are static in nature, with individuals mobile only in a temporary sense.

There is a beguiling attraction to living thusly, from moment to moment, place to place, owning your own itinerary and life.



the red red wine of evenings song drifts surreptitiously across my mind reflecting in dark corners the inkling of a name

the summer haze of dusks new dawn reminds of ethereal thoughts a hand in a hand on an autumn walk through leaves and lives

the single whisper of shadows shared retreats into the brightness of hidden voice amidst nights gasp the touch of a hand

and mornings sigh across your breast reveals a trail of kisses from dusk till dawn and your sleeping eyes hide the seasons all


...and more...