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Oops. I accidentally posted something which should have been a page. All sorted now. At the top (or here) you will find a collection of my tanka and haiku poems. To reiterate the introduction on that page, to some little extent these are about people I know and cared for, but most are imaginings, and observations. All of them represent moments in time, reflect emotions and thoughts, and in that, no matter their quality, they have some value to me.

I hope you like them.


Yesterday, amidst this week's desperate search for equanimity, I have was charmed and entertained by the ridiculous and often inspired #hobbitsongs on twitter.

They range from the predictable if fun "How Much is that Hobbit in the Window?" and "Gimli Gimli Gimli a Dwarf after Midnight" to the fantastic "Little Lothlorien Man" and "Mirrormere in the Bathroom". Awesome.

People clearly have too much time on their hands, and for that I am thankful.


My first coffee in four days is bloody lovely. Just so you know.


From twitter and Scalzi...


I am aware that things have been fraught of late, and for that please forgive me. This is my outlet, the place where I can, with a degree of sensitivity, explores my thoughts and feelings.

And I have. Equanimity has been reached, decisions made, and a kind of peace achieved. Things will be what they will be. I have done all I can, and will continue to be all that I can be.


And on a related but unrelated note... DON'T LAUGH. Me, a few years ago, exploring self-portraiture...

in a bloggy mood...

odds and sods...