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in a bloggy mood...

...unfortunately for you I am, so there. ***

Sometimes (okay, more often than not) I wonder who you all are. I wonder why you read this blog, why you come back time and again, putting up with my thoughts, insecurities, joys and often dodgy poetry.

Regardless of that... thank you for doing so...


I know some bloody lovely people on Twitter. You know who you are. Thank you.


My response to the enigmatic and lovely Jordan Drew's excellent NaNoWriMo blog-post:


Can. Not. Wait. Supplies lined up. Second story idea ready and raring to go. And possibly about to change. Again. Industrial strength coffee and coffee machines prepped and at 100% efficiency. Cake by the daily truckload. Popcorn to be air-dropped in. Twitter primed for sprints. Keyboards cleaned, screens polished, dropbox cleared, openoffice tweaked, Scrivener for Windows Beta on speed-dial. Meditations had, friends warned, family on stand-by.

I’m ready. Not. But what the heck…

Bring. It. ON!!!


Winning Words have recently posted many more competitions and the like, which can be found here.


I am in the midst of writing a piece for the MICROW - Winter Submission, subject "Void". I like what I have done so far, although it is very draft at the moment. Bizarrely, thinking about how to turn it into a play...


It has gone 3.17am and I have Esquivel's "Miniskirt" playing in my head, and I keep having those odd waking/dozing dreams, this time with an odd Fallout 3 flavour.

Time for bed (again) methinks.

NaNoWriMo T - 7 days...

...and more...