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We all occupy space; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. And our relationships and friendships have differing levels of each with every individual we touch. I guess, in a sense, I occupied too much space. More than was available, more than was expected, into a place which was already pretty much full. Sometimes we can expand our boundaries beyond the current, to encompass the new, or reshuffle ourselves so that it can be accommodated.

Sometimes we can't.

* * *

I haven't played badminton in months, nor gone for a walk in the hills. I have been concentrating (to an extent) on the running, and it is something I enjoy and am going to keep up.

I have need to hold a racquet though, or feel the wind in my hair and a hilltop beneath my feet, or the sting of my muscles as I reach for another hold.

Time to do many things once again.

* * *

I like this. Courtesy of affy7ann

don't let the imaginary person in your head stop you loving the real person in front of you

* * *

It is BristolCon in a just over a week. I have never been to a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention before and am really looking forward to it. A number of people I follow on Twitter are going and it will be good to finally meet some of them.

* * *

It constantly amazes me the boundaries which technology has allowed us to cross. Given the difficulties of the last few days, people who I have never met and never talked to have unexpectedly stepped up and been marvellous.

And I realised that some of them have consistently been so, always there at the right time, with the right things to say and communicate. It humbles me that they are so prepared to spend the time and effort to do so, to reach out and give a hug, for all that it is virtual.

When people speak out against the internet and twitter and facebook, about how they are changing, distorting and breaking up how we communicate and interact, I just need think about how many, many people have been touched by the graciousness and compassion of those who have never met them. I didn't realise how much I needed those moments until they happened, and to those people I am eternally grateful.

* * *

The urge to leave is still strong in this one. Soon, perhaps.

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