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the run

I went for a run this evening, the first in 10 days, since the Cardiff Half-marathon. I managed by usual 4.5 mile run in just over 43 minutes, with stops for traffic lights, which I think is pretty good considering I have been a bit poorly this last week and haven't slept more than 3 hours a night in that time. It was a little harder in places than I thought it would be, but overall it was easier than I was expecting. The legs were a little tight in places, the lungs struggled a couple of times but generally I felt and feel fine.

The immediate goal is keep the fitness up and improving, for some reason I am slightly obsessed with the idea of being able to run from Bath to Bristol (16 miles station to front door) in one go.

I am also looking at other events to do; suggestions in the 10k to half-marathon category more than welcome.

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