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I have taken to going for a 20 minute walk during my lunch break over the last week or so. My route is a simple circular one, passing through the business park in which I work, out to and along its outskirts before heading back in towards the office. It gives me an opportunity to think, something I always seem to do more clearly and easily whilst doing something else. NaNoWriMo, recent events, possible plans for the future, those and other things occupy my mind as I walk, and I always find the 20 minutes too short, but it suffices for the moment.

Over these last few days I have noticed that I am not the only one doing so, that a small subset of us have our daily trail, walking with that pace that denotes a certain depth of thought.

Sometimes, in the small breaks between my thoughts, I wonder what they are thinking about.

* * *

It has been a year since I owned a car and thus far it has been good. I am less flexible than I was, but I am also much healthier, much more environmentally friendly and relatively financially better off.

I am keen to explore trail and fell running, and have my sights set on the Brecon Beacons and the Forest of Dean for that sort of thing, and this requires a car. Perhaps I will need to plan in advance and hire a car. In truth, the idea of owning a car is both oddly appealing and appalling at the same time.

On balance I think I will stay as I am, and figure out alternative ways and places for what I want to do.

* * *

There are things I want to write here that I don't know that I should. Previously I have struck out into the deep waters of the internet, popping up anonymous blogs to write what I want to write without fear of offending/revealing too much to those I care about (yes, this is you). Some of these are real, and some imaginative/exploratory.

These mini-blogs (there aren't many) are very much focussed on one thing, and their lifespans are finite. Is this a fair thing to do? Should I feel free to write anything and everything, explore all the things that trouble me/bring me joy here, or are they better placed as their own entity? I don't really know.

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