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weight, words and wrunning

It probably doesn't do to be so pleased but... well... ... I have been a consistent 13 st for the last week, which marks one of my main goals over the last two years.

This means that in the last 22 months I have gone from 16 st 5 lbs (104.3 kg) to 13 st (82.6 kg); from a 42 waist to a 36 waist; from being able to run less than a mile to being able to run 13 miles; from being completely unhappy with my physical self to being much more content with it.

All of which is good, I think. I can walk up hills without puffing out, and run, and cycle, and climb and do stuff that previously really hurt or was awkward and/or ungainly. The stress on my heart and joints is much less than it was, and I feel pretty good.

13 stone was and always has been my major target, I now want to hit 12 st 7 lbs, which is both achievable and comfortable. I am naturally stocky so around this weight should be ideal, although my BMI will tell you otherwise (not that I have ever believed it).

I think running (see below) combined with badminton, cycling and kung-fu should be enough to achieve this, and build my overall fitness. Oh yes, I need to learn how to swim properly too, as opposed to the delayed drowning that is my current style.

* * *

NaNoWriMo starts tonight at midnight, and I can't wait. Luckily the Bristol Kick-off Launch meeting is today, so I get to meet a whole bunch of nanoers from the Bath/Bristol area. Really looking forward to that too!

I have a plan, a plot and characters. I have a writing style in mind, and I am itching to start. Roll on midnight!

* * *

Another 4.5 mile run was completed relatively easily yesterday, and it was much more pleasurable than the last one. I feel so good I want to do another one today, but will be sensible and hold off until tomorrow.

I think I am going to start building to a standard thrice weekly 6 mile run, and push my weekly/fortnightly long runs to 9 miles, with an occasional very long run thrown in for good measure. I think this is sustainable and gives me good scope to build up to a decent half-marathon attempt and maybe something more later next year.