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nanowrimo 2010 #1a

"Little Monkey was small." An inauspicious start to my NaNoWrimo 2010 experience, but one nonetheless. It has just gone 6am and I have drunk coffee and eaten toast and cereal, and written my first 500 words. I have 49,500 to go, and just less than thirty days to do them in.

Am I confident? Yes. Will it go to plan? Probably not. Will I enjoy it? Mostly.

Now on with the rest of my day, and yet, in my mind, as I work and ponder and do stuff, Little Monkey continues his adventures, waiting only for the moment for them to be put down in words and sentences and structures.

I do not envy him his journey, it will encompass great joys, moments of beauty, and tragedy. It will cross divides and acknowledge the darkness within. It will leave him bereft and angry and lost, and his faith in himself and those around him sorely tested, and broken. He will fail, and lose, and the victories will be few and far between. He will travel great distances, see many things, experience all that there is to experience, delve into the dark and into the light, and at journey's end...

... we shall see.