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nanowrimo 2010 day 3

Arse. It isn't working.

The story I was writing for NaNoWriMo is one I love. I love the plot, the characters and I am quite proud of the 'devices' I intend to use to demonstrate the central journey that takes place within it. All in all it is something that I quite badly want to write.

Except it is writing like a pig. Earlier this morning I related the problems I was having with it in an email to a friend, and in the course of doing that realised that it (the story) isn't a nano one. It requires a sparsity of language and a depth of consideration and clarity at odds with the gung-ho extravagant throw it all in there nature of the NaNoWriMo challenge.

So back on the shelf it goes, very much my next project, and one I will continue to develop and think about as I complete this challenge, this time with Plan A.

Plan A was always something I wanted to write too, and it has the elements and freedom to allow me to throw words and plot and character down on the paper without worrying overly much. Whereas Little Monkey was looking to explore the nature of an innocent's journey through a world of conflict, The Veil is about the nature of heroism and, in particular, failed heroism, and all its attendant consequences. And it is a lot more gungho. And I can have a lot more brainless fun with it.

So, Little Monkey will have to curl up once more in his nest high in his tree, ready to dream and be until such time as he must depart on his adventure.

In his place stands the Veil, ancient, stoic, about to be devastated by failure on an unimaginable scale, and in the doing so unleash the most unspeakable of evils unto the world.

NaNoWriMo 2010... Take 2...


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