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nanowrimo day 4 / poem-a-day day 4 / tired day 4

This story is working, which is great. One of the advantages of writing a multi-thread story is that it allows me several opportunities to attack the daily word goals. I can flit between storylines as and when I hit trouble, and it allows me to develop more characters more fully. And have fun doing so. Little Monkey, for all that I love the concept, concentrates very much on the experiences and viewpoint of one character, requiring a more linear progression that is, oddly, harder to write under the context of NaNoWriMo.

Anyway, I am pleased. I may be quite far behind the wordcount target already but am more than confident I will catch up by the weekend.

It is the Bristol/Bath write-in tonight, at the ever dependable Watershed, and I am very much looking forward to my first experience of it (launch party not withstanding).

* * *

The Poem-a-day challenge is turning into a bit of a bugger. I have really struggled with this aspect of my writing of late, and the idea was that this would help jumpstart/rekindle it (as well as providing me a small daily break from NaNo). It is, to be blunt, hard.

Oh well, three crappy draft poems done, one to do today and so on and so forth. It will get better.

I hope.

* * *

Sort of related, visiting BristolCon this Saturday, and very much looking forward to seeing favourite authors talk, sign books and generally mess about, as well as meeting new ones. Several good panels on writing too, which should be fun.