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Forest of Dean Half-marathon? I should co-co. Courtesy of the lovely H, who, today, with the equally lovely M, took care of my eyes, and put my mind at rest... and put stuff that glows into them so that they could do technical medical things (it will, with luck, turn my snot fluorescent). AND I got to look at the real life inside of an eye (H's, to be exact). Beautiful, amazing and wondrous. Great stuff.

* * *

Humanity is a wonderful thing, only just less wonderful than the human being itself. Complex yet simple, independent yet tribal, virtuous yet diabolical, spiritual yet shallow, I could go on. A more complicated collection of interlocking and conflicting emotional, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, physical, social and psychological paradigms you will not find.

All of you, bloody marvellous you are.

* * *

The girl on the table next to me is unselfconsciously singing and humming along to the Beatles tracks playing in the Watershed. And it is lovely in its innocence, its nakedness and complete lack of self-awareness.

* * *

There are things I will never understand about what has happened recently, and, to an extent, it doesn't matter. There are things I cannot control, will never know or understand, and I cannot afford the emotional turmoil and effort trying to do so.

Sometimes you just have to 'go for a run', and then it is all better. Or eat cake. Whichever is your personal preference.

* * *

Over the last couple of days I have been endlessly poked by a friend on Facebook. I haven't spoken to her in months, if not years, nor exchanged emails or texts, yet she has been one of those special people who will always be so.

As a form of communication, the 'poke' has many limitations, and yet, in its direct simplicity, it can be a very charming thing indeed. And it has made me smile at each and every occasion of its use over this past 48 hours.

* * *

A wonderful blog-post from the ever insightful Sian Prescott on Armistice Day... go and read.

* * *

I am going to do some more NaNoWriMo at the moment. Molly is in a bit of a state, and Sarah is on hand to help.

Or is she?

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