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A couple of days ago the lovely Sian tagged me as an interested party on a Facebook note she had put together, listing the 15 writers (including poets) that had influenced her the most. What ensued (with both Sian and the other taggee, Sarah) was a fun and informative debate and discussion about the various writers that had made it onto our respective lists. Whilst the lists themselves were very interesting in their own right, placing them into context was even more so.

So, for no other reason that it gives me a good excuse to write about some of my favourite authors and writers, I will, over the next few weeks, discuss why I love them, and what they mean to me. I hope you find it interesting.

The original list I posted on Facebook has changed a little, mainly because, after some consideration, I realised that there were writers who had more of an impact on me than those originally on the list. I have posted a page above listing these writers, with the appropriate links to the various posts.

1. Tanith Lee

2. Huraki Murakami

3. Ursula Le Guin

4. William Shakespeare

5. William Gibson

6. Deborah Pope (24/05/2010)

7. Rod McKuen

8. Roger McGough

9. Basho

10. Michael Moorcock

11. JRR Tolkein

12. China Mieville

13. Ted Hughes

14. Homer

15. CJ Cherryh

I am very much a genre reader, and always have been, so this list reflects that quite strongly. I read a lot of everything, but in the main my first loves have always been poetry, fantasy and science fiction.

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