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Sunday was a bit of a turning point for me, or rather, it was the culmination of a few of the things I have been writing about in this blog. Yesterday, just because, I ran 13.4 miles in 2 hours 21 minutes. This was a run that had started out as a 10 mile run, dropping to an 8, then a 6 (more on that in a bit), went back up to an 8 and  then to the original 10, before finally becoming a 13+.

This is the way it rolls sometimes.

Despite little sleep, compensated by taking three rest days in preparation for the long run on Sunday, the run itself was relatively comfortable, certainly far more comfortable than my Cardiff Half effort. The only niggle was my left leg threatening to fall off between miles 3 and 5, finally settling down towards mile 6, the mini-cramps and deep ache fading as I ran through the pain.

I had originally planned to do two and a half laps of the docks, plus the additional stuff on either side, but as I approached the point where I would head off home I decided to add another lap, which, with a slight detour through Castle Park, took the run to over 13 miles.

There are two pleasing things to take from Sunday's run; a) I can indeed run a half-marathon distance fairly comfortably with miles to spare (well, one or two) and b) I enjoyed every moment of it. It is now Monday and I feel pretty good, and am really looking forward to tomorrow's run.

I am running much more now than I did before Cardiff, a result of having more time available perhaps, just enjoying the activity and being spurred on by how much I enjoyed Cardiff. I am also realising that, against all expectations, I might have a marathon in me after all, although realistically this is some way off in the future, and would require much more focussed training.

The other important benefit of all this running, other than fitness, weight loss and the enjoyment of it all is the fact I can eat far more cake (and food generally) than ever. Result!

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