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saturday (and sunday) jottings

So, I'm not that sure about 'destiny' either (see post below). It was an idea I have had kicking around in my head for a little while, but originally I had from both their points of view, which allowed me to 'show more' but didn't feel all that comfortable a flow. Nor did it feel right when it was written purely from the male's perspective. Regardless, I wanted to keep the word count down, and this is about the right length, if not quite the right tone and quality. More work needed, I think. Much more. ***

I seem to have hurt the tibialis anterior on my left leg, all symptoms pointing towards the lovely sounding 'anterior compartment syndrome'. Suffice to say, a free clinic session with the University of Bristol's physio team is booked for Tuesday, where this will be confirmed (or not) and a suitable course of treatment recommended. Massage ('painful massage' as M put it) will be required, as will rest and exercises.

Regardless, it bloody hurts to run on, and the muscle retained some of it's soreness and distress all through yesterday, despite my doing nothing more than a brisk walk to and from work.

*sad* No runs for me for a few days.


This morning, on Facebook and Twitter both, I have been lamenting the lack of a Watershed-esque all night cafe, serving cake and coffee and savouries, where you can just hang out, write, read, chat to strangers, watch the world go by in the very early hours and have a ponder.

We need this sort of thing, we insomniacs. A place to gather, to nod wistfully at each other and quietly share our sleepless woes over a vat of tea and a slice or two of carrot cake.


On that note (sleeplessness) I managed 5 hours last night, which makes it the third night in seven weeks where I have slept in excess of my maximum 4 hours.

If you are wondering why I look so bloody tired, this is why.


It is Sunday, and so I am having chorizo and scrambled eggs on toast. And the biggest mug of tea known to mankind (well, me).


I had a go at the Poem-a-day challenge for November, and whilst I wasn't successful in writing each and every day I did write far more than 30 poems.

Anyway, just because I enjoyed it so much, I am going to keep it up for the next year, although this time I will write at least one every day, as a kind of 'morning pages' exercise.


I like this. A lot.

play misty for me...