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I have re-linked to my solitarycherry mini-blog on tumblr, and started writing on it again. As stated some time ago, and in line with comments I have made before, this is an area for me to explore certain themes, in this case love, memory and loss. It grew out of people-watching on the platforms of the train stations on my daily commute, observing and story-making, coalescing around the idea of someone who falls in love with a complete stranger, extrapolating her into his own dreams and thoughts and memories. Is it autobiographical?  A little. Is it imagined? Mostly. Is it real? Who knows. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, perhaps...

That is the joy of writing like this, it becomes an indecipherable weave of the real and the imaginary, of the mundane and the fantastical. Much as love and life are.

Coco (and Rudy)

fortune and glory