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I am, to be honest, in quite the grump at the moment. A monumental, wolfish, mercurial, unpredictable fit of a grump, brought on by too little sleep, too much emergency napping, an irritating cold and the gods know what else. I will, at some point, have to apologise to my twitter-feed.

There is a benefit to this level of grumpiness, however. I deal with stuff; things that have been vexing me or put off, decisions too difficult to make, paths yet to be decided, lines that remain un-drawn in the sand.

I deal with them. No prisoners, no fucking about, no procrastination, it gets dealt with. Not all of it, but as much as the duration of this rare moody irascibility allows.

So, decisions made, lines drawn, Jose changed subtly, re-purposed in the smouldering embers of his own impatient irrationality.

World: dealt with. Grump: dissipating.