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adaptable-eye was (and is) my supposedly daily photoblog (but not of the 365 variety). Unfortunately time, an element of apathy and a lack of inspiration have gotten in the way and it has lain fallow for the last year or so. However, in a fit of pique, tonight I uploaded a whole load of images, which will trickle their way back on to your screens over the next few weeks (should you be interested).

Anyway, you can get to adaptable-eye by the handy link under My Other Projects over there on the right, or here, which takes you way back to the beginning of the photo-blog.

I probably won't cross-post, although I am sure photos will reappear from both on the other blog. This is partly to keep the two activities separate and to not inundate you with unnecessary stuff here, particularly if you are a subscriber (which I know some of you are).


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