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This weekend I did something slightly foolish and populated my google calendar with all the events I have signed up for or want to do or would like to do but probably won't. Thankfully there are far more of the former two than there are of the latter. So here they are, for your delectation (and so you can hurl abuse at me if I don't do them):

Forest of Dean Half-marathon - 27th March

Signed up for. I am doing this with my good friend Hayley. At the moment injury is severely limiting my time to train so this may not happen, or if it does, it may happen very sloooowly.

Bristol 10k - 15th May

Signed up for. I happen to be doing this with a number of people; Rachel, Simon, Ramon, Joanna and possibly one or two others (Hilary? Lydia?). Although in reality we will all be running it separately, knowing the others are out there sprinting along will be a boost and a bonus.

BHF Round the Harbours Bike Ride - 5th June

Not yet signed up for. I did this with my brother a couple of years ago. A small intimate event, the 35 miles round trip includes two ferry crossings, four checkpoints and some of the nicest, fun loving people you will ever meet. A definite must-do.

BHF London to Brighton - 19th June

Not yet signed up for. I have always wanted to do this, and reports from people who have done it had implied a lot of fun and camaraderie. It will certainly be different from the Round the Harbours ride a couple of weeks before. Overall this is not high on the priority list and may slip to next year.

Lakeland 50 - 29th June to 1st July

Not signed up for. I absolutely do want to do this. 50 miles in 24 hours on foot? In the Lake District? Awesome. I think I may have missed the deadline on this and it will require thinking about on the logistics front but I am awfully tempted. If not this year then definitely next year. Keep me to this one, people!

Barnado's London to Paris Bike Ride - 2nd to 5th September

[edit] It is actually London to Paris, and not Bristol to Paris as I first thought... phew!

Signed up for. A work in progress, planning is still ongoing and I am not sure it has even been launched yet. 30 cyclists from here to Paris. Fantastic. Anyone want to ride pillion? Or how about a tandem?! Fabulousness. Probably a tad foolish considering the event below is only a month afterwards...

Loch Ness Marathon - 2nd October

Not yet signed up for (but soon!). This is the biggie, and the one I absolutely do want to do this year. I will be, all things being equal, doing this with my friend Joanna (see Bristol 10k). The scenery is stunning, the atmosphere great and it will make a change from all the big races like London and Edinburgh and San Francisco (you know, the ones I have never done)...

Snowdonia Mountain Marathon - 29th October (updated 5pm)

I was taken with the idea of this ever since Paul Parry tweeted about this last year. {content deleted}

It would appear I could do it, the question being, could I do it four weeks after the Loch Ness Marathon? Hmm...


I would very much like to run another half-marathon in the August, as preparation for the Loch Ness and just because. The hunt is on for something suitable...

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