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rut by scott phillips

Yesterday, having completely forgotten about it, I received my copy of Rut by Scott Phillips, published by Concord Free Press.

The idea behind Rut (and Concord Free Press) is a fascinating one. Order the book, free of charge, without having to pay for postage and packaging, receive it and do one of several things. As the back of the book (below) advises; give money to charity, someone who needs or to a complete stranger in the street. The why and the how much are completely up to you. Do it and let Concord Free Press know what you have done so they can measure the impact of the experiment. After you have read the book, pass it on.

Those are the only two rules; donate, once read, pass it on. And so on and so forth. An endless cycle of giving, donating and giving, and donating...

Rut is a social publishing experiment, and temporary ownership of the book denotes a participation in that endeavour. I wish there was some way of tracking this particular book as it flowed from one person to another, but I guess I will have just be happy to be at the start of a, hopefully, long chain of book-giving and charity donations.

My thanks to the meandmybigmouth website for putting me on to Rut and Concord Free Press.

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