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I've added a daily goal tracking thingy (widget?) to my sidebar as a public way of tracking my daily writing goals. Having had a conversation with Clodagh on Twitter earlier I realised my vaguely described and barely kept to (if at all) daily writing targets have been pretty useless. A quick spin around the net led me to Joe's Goals, which has had a few good reviews and is nice and simple to use.

The plan is to write 1000 words a day (do-able) and complete/revise a chapter a week of the novel, which is coming along nicely, if a little slowly.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is the reason behind my recent impetus...


One of my favourite blog posts of the last twelve months is this one by Joanna of the Ephemeral Digest. There is just something quintessentially perfect about it; in style, length, emotion. A lovely personal post.


Found this fun little thing on Nancy's blog (post here) and decided to have a play. It is a collation (to video) of all my Flickr photos (to music) in video format, courtesy of Pummelvision and vimeo. You can download photos from your Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook (which is what Nancy did) and have it posted to vimeo or Youtube. Great fun, although it can take some time.

My Flickr in Pummelvision from Jose Kilbride on Vimeo.


Oh yes, things that have happened this week...

... the birth of the Dockside Dodgers, a running club for the more casual runner (more of which to come).

...receipt of 'Hold on to the Sun' by Michal Govrin, which I will be reading and reviewing for forbookssake


...literary tattoos (courtesy of forbookssake) - I want one... the hunt is on...

morning run, sunday 30th january

regrets (xkcd)