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morning run, sunday 30th january

Yesterday's jaunt to London left me feeling nauseous and tired and not a little grumpy. In truth I think it was the icing on the cake of a few weeks of being ultra-busy at a time when my insomnia is at its peak. So I went for my first run in five weeks, despite feeling as I did and despite the fact that the physio has yet to give me the all clear.

1.95 miles in 19:48 minutes, despite my trying to slow it down (I run a pretty metronomic 10 minute mile). And it went bloody well.

The left knee twinged, but only because I haven't been rigorous with the stretches that keep my kneecap aligned, and the anterior compartment issue didn't twinge at all, although I can now feel a very slight ache there now, which I am massaging away.

I have the Forest of Dean half in 8 weeks, which is unlikely. I think my fitness will still be there, and is recoverable (even if I have to run-walk the bloody thing) but my concern still rests over the anterior muscle issue, will trying to get to half-marathon fitness just re-inflame the problem, and I suspect it will.

Oh well, I plan to do another two similar runs this week to see how it goes.

But it did feel bloody brilliant to be out running again, and I realised quite acutely as I was in mid-flow how much I have missed it these past few weeks.

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