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I am having a lot of fun writing at the moment, mainly short story stuff driven by Thursday's Secret Club (oh, okay, the Watershed Writing Club) challenges. The main novel is coming along, but needs restructuring. The chapters simply aren't working and need to be streamlined. I do like how the various plotlines are coming together but have to be mindful that too many characters may be  introduced, but as this is going to be a biggie I don't think that is an issue. ***

Further to the above, and Sunday's post (below), the fact that I am once again doing two of the things I absolutely love has left me feeling rather more human than I had realised.  I miss them when they aren't there as part of my life. Fingers crossed they remain so.


My eyes aren't great at the moment, and they haven't been for some time.  I am currently suffering from bouts of soreness, blurriness and haloing. This has been diagnosed, after many (cool) tests, as the result of a build up of pressure in the eyes, probably due to the drains in my eyes not draining away the water inside. To put it into context; most people have an internal eye pressure of 10-21, when my eyes aren't symptomatic they last registered a pressure of 32 and 35. It goes up when they are symptomatic. Joy. All of this means, coupled with my age, that I have a far higher chance of developing a glaucoma (or 'es') than normal. Deeper joy. As you can imagine, this is great news for someone who spends most of his life running, reading, writing and photo-ing, not too mention perusing your lovely blog-posts, tweets and other stuff. Anyway, the recommended treatment started off working, but isn't doing so now. My eyes are sore, a lot, and my focussing is slower, and I am still suffering from the haloing, more so than usual. Luckily I have my follow-up appointment this Friday so...

Yes, I'm a bit worried about it all.


I signed up, finally, to run the Loch Ness Marathon in October. Consultation with those who are knowledgeable has led to the knocking on the head of the London-Paris bike ride the previous month, as this will interfere greatly with my training. As much fun as that would be, I want to do this (the marathon) much more.


I have library books that are overdue. I must go and return them.


This post has taken me three days to write, simply because I am having to snatch at it. At the moment I am being time pressured and am not even remotely achieving the things I need to. Either way, I went for a run last night and it was good. A bit further, 2.45 miles this time, but still felt mostly comfortable. It was just lovely to be running, dodging through pedestrians and past umbrellas and running through puddles as the rain came down. There are very few feelings like it in the world...


It is now Thursday and I am with the WWB crew, Awesome fun. My day is complete.


I am writing a short story about ravenous peas. There you go.

the eyes have it...

morning run, sunday 30th january