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I'm sorry. These blog-posts just aren't coming. I have had about a dozen ideas and yet two or three lines in they come to a shuddering halt. I seem to have blogger's block and I have no idea why. It is frustrating.


I ran 4.5 miles yesterday for the first time in weeks, almost 50% up on my previous run. It was hard, I felt heavy and lethargic and my breathing was difficult. It was way harder than it should have been.

I am hoping that I just had an off day, and, in truth, I hadn't had the best preparation (food, water, rest) that I could have had.

But it was glorious to run in the rain, something I have discovered I love doing. I got soaked. It was fab.


I had some lovely positive feedback from the WWB crew regarding my short story Umami. Another short story challenge, the idea was to write something inspired by this still, taken from the film Bladerunner:

The stories written were, in truth, bloody amazing, and all very different. S's CRI Baby was three pages of gloriously funny dialogue; a poor set-upon diner has to contend with absurd eating laws and an over-ethusiastic CR Inspector. I've read it several times now and still laugh when I do so.

CKL's Goulash was clever, detailed and a cracking good read, based as it was in a world where organic computing has become something of a norm. Great characterisation, great story and a nice little is-he/isn't-he left with the reader at the end.

AM's Fragmentation was definitely a hit; a lovely little story based in a world where civilisation has fallen. Cleverly painting a huge backdrop of a world with every sentence and description with little effort, you find yourself caring about the characters and wondering at the circumstances they find themselves in. Superb.


The next WWB challenge has to be based on one of the following settings/themes, as generated by Seventh Sanctum:

- Setting: pirate/science-fiction. Theme:weird war story

- Setting: utopia. Theme:hack-and-slash things man-was-not-meant-to-know story

- Setting: post-apocalypse/dystopia. Theme:metamorphosis/overcoming-inner-demons


I love these challenges, the strangeness and inventiveness they require (and result in) makes them worthwhile and fun to write for.


Again from WWB, which kept us in hysterics for quite some time (must be read aloud)... They Fight Crime!

Yes, the next story challenge will no doubt be based on this sort of thing...

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