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I've been a little busy of late, and have been struggling to find anything of interest to write. In lieu of that, a mish-mash of news of no real import... ***

The running has been coming on, sort of. It seems nearly every other run is a poor one, and yet I have had some good ones too. My runs to work have been mostly excellent, the 4.5 miles (with hills) run with ease and bags of energy at the end. a 7 miler on Tuesday was okay, the 4 mile run to my brother's house from Fareham station with a heavy pack also well within capability. And then there was today, 4.6 miles of very, very hard work.

I have generally been quite optimistic about the Forest of Dean Half at the end of the month,  that optimism took a bit of a knock today. We'll see. I will get there, I am sure of it.


I have just raced through Ian Esslemont's superb Stonewielder (part of his Malazan series) and enjoyed it thoroughly. Not quite as ruthless as co-creator Erikson, he has grown in stature and skill over the last three books and I look forward to the continuing saga of the Malazan Empire. Excellent stuff.

In addition to the above, I pretty much ripped through Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes, which is one of the best depictions of the reality of a battle I have ever read. Superb, exciting, harrowing and full of black humour, this is a real snappy read with great characterisation and fantastic fight scenes. Go and read. Now.


I am not going to talk about my writing because, well, frankly it is pissing me off.


I have spent the day working on one of those projects that have been percolating for some time. It looks good. It may even be good. I hope. More news soon, I hope.


I had an excellent time in London last weekend, seeing friends and eating out. The more I go there the more I understand the allure of the place. I had a good wander around the British Museum, and gleaned a few story ideas from what I saw and read about.

I also visited PingPong, a dimsum place, with my friend Jessica. The food was very good, it wasn't overly expensive and the atmosphere and service was excellent. Well worth a second visit.


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