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forest of dean half-marathon - finale

2:18:57 Hills, flats, lovely scenery, great organisation, fabulous support and incredibly friendly.

Started off well, ran along comfortably for most of it (although mile 12 onwards was a little tiring for a bit). A great initial descent followed by some nice flats and then a couple of decent ascents. Ran every step and didn't stop once, so immensely pleased with myself.

Picked up a running partner at mile 7 and we ran along together for the rest of the race. Didn't actually speak to each other until mile 10, when the mutual relief at the mile marker was obvious. Chatted quite nicely until the finishing line and then shook hands, which was great.

Overall a great day, a great event and one I will definitely do again. Thanks to Hayley for suggesting the race and coming with me (and for running a brilliant first half-marathon, in 1:45:07) and to Victoria (I think) for the company.



forest of dean half-marathon - preview