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just another week

Dancing to Faithless and the Black Eyed Peas, writing a flash fiction piece, in the study, with a vat full of coffee and a slab of sheep's milk cheese and some nice bread. Signed up to Whitebrook Wind-up half-marathon. Ran 7.2 miles today, 4.5 on Wednesday. Bought Peter Jaegar's Prop. Ate cake. Discovered a great artist (Linda Bennett) and fab custom leather/brass accessory designer (Tootlepips Leatherwork) at the Art Market, met up with the talented Jose Navarro (of pangeafoto) for second dinner, and the equally talented Ramon Youseph for coffee and more cake, chewed the fat with my oldest friend Steve, had a lovely evening with E, decided on the word for my tattoo, hung out with the Flatmate and fettled my bike. And I had yet another headache.

Rang my mother, remembered my dad (would have been 91 today) and looked up at the very blue sky.

I also flitted around the internet; read Sashimi-san's beautifully honest flash-fiction piece The Other World, Nancy's lovely Mother's Day blog post and caught up with Cline's excellent poetry.

And of course I hung out with the ever wonderful, mostly drunk Watershed Writers' Block crew and had one too many bottles of Crabbies.

Just another week.

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