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You've been getting a dearth of posts from me, so apologies for that. Another catchup post... ***

This week I went to see the thing we (the company I work for) are building and it is... immense. Immense in a way that is easy to comprehend intellectually yet blows you away when you see it in the 'flesh'. And that was only a bit that I was seeing. There were lots more bits to be built and it will be very impressive indeed.

I didn't think I would ever say this sincerely, but to be part of the team building it; even if only as a change manager during the design stage, is something I am proud of. Great stuff.


One of my ambitions since I started running has been to run from Bath Spa Station (well, the bicycle park nearby) to my front door in Bristol. Today, 15.5 miles later, I did it, running every step of the way. It was HARD. And yet it was only so towards the end. Everything was pretty comfortable until mile 11, and it got progressively harder from then, and the last mile and a half was hell. It was warmer than I anticipated, and I didn't prepare quite as well as I should have done, but I still did it.

Lessons learnt? My water bladder sloshed with every step for all 15.5 miles. That was moderately irritating. And my Mizunos are great for short to medium length runs, but played hell with my little toes after mile 11. And my small backpack isn't as comfortable as it could be. I also tried out Runkeeper's Live Tracking feature (E did anyway) and it was very cool indeed.

The closer I get to running 26.2 miles, the more I realise that I have it in me to do the distance, and the more I realise how bloody hard it is. Today thousands of people ran 26.2 miles in the Virgin London Marathon and my respect for them has, if anything, grown.

Click on the picture below for the lowdown (Runkeeper).


I saw, and very nearly bought it. In truth, if I had had access to a car... because it weighed a tonne.

£20. Bargain.


I like Marmite. There, I said it. I love it.

Recipe 1:

Hot buttered toast. Spread marmite to the depth and intensity you like. Spread crunchy peanut butter over the marmite, to taste. Enjoy.

Recipe 2:

Take two crumpets. Toast. Toast again until they are slightly crunchy on the outside. Liberally spread with butter. Liberally spread with marmite. If, when you lift the crumpet, there is a slight pool of butter and marmite underneath, it's done. Enjoy.

Recipe 3:

Butter two slices of bread. Spread marmite on both slices. Layer lettuce on one of the slices of bread. Spread salad cream on the other slice and place on the lettuce, making a lovely marmite, lettuce and salad cream sandwich. Enjoy.


I have been looking at fonts for my tattoo, and, well, it is a lot harder than I expected. I want some thing slightly italic, somewhere between a copperplate and a handwritten flowy... well, you get the picture. I am struggling to find something that grabs me though. And I need to find a very good tattooist in the Bristol too.


I've recently ripped through (reading) the Chanur series by CJ Cherryh, which is one of my favourite science-fiction series of all time. I am currently re-reading Alistair Reynold's Revelation Space series and thoroughly enjoying it. I am also reading The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer, which is a bloody good read so far.

I am 300

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