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just messing about

I've been messing about with stuff of late. Just because.


Today I pulled all my various non-digital photographic material together, and gosh, there's a lot. So much to review, sort out, sift through, throw away, scan, preserve, tinker with and rescue...

The other thing I realised is that there are so many good (and the odd excellent) photographs here, all hidden away, and I need to, want to, do something with them. Time to invest in a film/slide scanner I think...


I am writing this post in my study (listening to NIN as I do so). It is the season for it, the evenings are longer, the  weather warmer and it is nice to sit here writing, on my own, listening to great tunes and drinking a sneaky Crabbies.

Oh yes, and Cammi often pops in to say hello...


I've been playing with Chrome extensions, and in addition to the excellent Tweetdeck I have ended up using the superb feed.ly, which formats your Google Reader into a minimalist magazine, which is easier and more pleasant to read. I have also been using Clip to Evernote for, um, note-taking and the hugely useful (and easy to use) Awesome Screenshot (see image below).

Yes, I a bit behind on my blog-reading...


As you may know I ran 15.5 miles last weekend, a personal best and a personal goal achieved (to run from Bath to Bristol). I felt pretty good, if tired and sore, but okay. Monday, however, found me limping badly, and such was the pain that I ended up spending up the evening in the BRI A&E department, waiting for an x-ray. More than four hours later, I had the results and they were inconclusive. There was no fracture, so the intense stabbing pain on the outside of my right foot could either be bruising or a stress fracture. Only time will tell.

Thankfully it seems to have improved dramatically, although the injury flared up a little after an exploratory 2 mile run yesterday. Fingers crossed it will be fine for the Bristol 10K on May 15th and the Whitebrook Wind-up Half-marathon on the 22nd.


Talking of Bristol, injuries and sporting events, Lydia of Core Strength UK has an excellent summary of the latter on her blog.

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