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photographs, memories, and the gap inbetween

One of the things I have been doing this week (not very industriously, truth be told) is going through the piles of photographs and slides that make up my pre-digital photographic career. There are thousands of them. Black and white, colour, slides, 35mm, 6x6, negatives, prints, you name it... There are memories there. Vast swathes of things done, places seen, photographed and experienced. They contain landscapes and details, colours and textures and shapes and images that caught my eye and imagination. And linked to those are names and faces, people I knew and know, friendships gone and relationships long since passed. There are emotions too, residual, echoing back from the visual triggers of the past into the nostalgia of the present.

And there are things I don't remember, places I know I have been and seen, yet whose shape and definition is hazy to me, unclear and uncertain. But the echoes are there, faint, tremulous and illusory. And what remains of those memories resides only in these photos, giving credence and form and detail to what was once forgotten or barely remembered.


The Hillcrawlers, Snowdon

Leon, wedding/soul band, Bristol

Two ships, Scotland

Precursor to a wedding, Newcastle

Matt, trumpeter, wedding band, Bristol

Inside the Grand Hassan II mosque, Casablanca

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Charlie and I crossing a very cold river, Ystradfellte Waterfall Walk

Rosie, impromptu portrait session, cafe, Bristol

Hugh and I, Brecon Beacons

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