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I ran 10 miles this morning, in just a little over 10mins/mile, and it was comfortable and remarkably easy up to the 4.5 mile mark. More importantly the foot did not hurt or even twinge, so I guess last week's scare was just that. Phew.


I am 'growing' a goatee (this always happens when I am off work for any period of time). It never lasts more than a few days, mainly because I can't decide if it looks okay, good, or ridiculous. Erring on the side of caution I always end up shaving it off. I am going to try and keep this a little longer and make a decision on the Tuesday I am back in work (they will howl with laughter if I keep it).

I kinda like it though. I will post a picture when it is a little more 'hirsute'. There is a lot of white/grey in it too.


The writing, truthfully, is being rubbish at the moment. I sit and stare and what I am about to write/have written and, after a while, prod ineffectually at the keyboard. I think I am out of the routine of writing (my routine is pretty shot to hell at the moment, for a variety of reasons) and that isn't helping at all.

Time to crack on with it, I think, regardless of the pain and rubbishness coming out of it.


I am 39 in a couple of weeks time. Ooo 'eck.


I am thinking triathlons. Oh yes, yes I am.

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