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in 10 minutes I will be asleep...

... so some short random stuff:

  • after the last couple of decent runs today's was diabolical. It was hard, hard and hard, and only 4.3 miles. Rubbish. Partly self-inflicted (not enough sleep, masses of meat yesterday, etc) but still...
  • on the subject of running, my race pack for the Bristol 10K arrived. Very cool and very excited. Two weeks to go, and then the Whitebrook Windup the weekend after.
  • earlier today I bought Douglas Hurlick's Among Thieves, started reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it, finishing the book some five hours later. Well worth a read if you like you fantasy fiction well written, fast-paced and action packed.
  • I also purchased a couple of other books, as well as two K'ing Kungfu novels from the Bristol Harbourside Book Market on Saturday. I love this sort of pulp fiction (whether it is kungfu, western or sf/fantasy) for its energy and ballsy directness, even if they aren't always the most well written of stories. Scroll down to 'Reply #4' on the link above for more information.
  • I went to see Thor last night with some of the Watershed Writers' Block crew, and thoroughly enjoyed that too. Good stuff.
  • of the gazillion things I had on my to-do list whilst I was off I managed about four. Eleven days off and I am still suffering from too little sleep and not enough rest. But I did do some lovely things, spent some time with E, chilled out and managed to read a few books too, as well as catching up (mostly) on my blog reading.
  • talking of blogs, Nik Perring has a fab post on writing short stories; well worth a read.
  • it is May already. How the hell did we get here already? In two weeks I will be 39. That can't be right.

That's all folks. I'm off to bed; first day back in work tomorrow and I need some sleep.

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