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thursday mumblings

I have decided that writing and me really aren't getting on at the moment. Everything I am writing is turgid, unoriginal, uninspiring... you get the picture. Crap, basically. And I'm not sure why. I am just finding it difficult to write anything at the moment, and that worries me. Writing is one of the few things I am relatively good at (so I am told) and is something I enjoy immensely. I know the trick is to persevere, and persevere I will, but...


A vote today is a vote for... something. Change. Or stasis. But not necessarily for the better. Or the best.


The new Watershed Writers' Block challenges are out, and CKL has, brilliantly, found a 'comic' book of 1920's woodcut images from which to choose (randomly) them from. And these are mine...

And they are from this book.

I better finish the #theyfightcrime story first though...


After much um-ing and ah-ing, and after some 23k tweets, I made the decision to unprotect my twitter account, which really goes against my natural instincts.

And.... nothing of note has happened. No spambots, no Britneybots, no weird random strangers.

I can't but help feeling a little cheated.


book covers

in 10 minutes I will be asleep...