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I'm having a little trouble writing at the moment. I have several 'independent stories' in my head that all could have a 'common root', but it is getting them to tie in that is the problem. The world concept is in place, at a very high level and continues to develop - my issue, I suppose , is that I have several stories that are vaguely solid, with my character archetypes developing into actual characters (well, some of them) but I am struggling to develop an overall theme to bind them together. I thought I had one, but the more I consider it the more hackneyed and contrived it appears. Hohum, guess I just need to keep plugging away.

On the other hand, I have also come to a small halt with regard to my Tales of Golden Monkey and Ghostchild - a collection of poems inspired in part by Crow (Ted Hughes) and a number of Tanith Lee's earlier books, amongst others. I may start publishing some on here, just because. At least I know where this tale is going, which is probably nowhere as it more thematic than conclusive.

We'll, as they say, see.


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