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the brain-dump

I always approach writing a blog post after a long absence with some trepidation; I am never really sure how it is going to go, how natural it will feel, if I have anything to say. It is, in fact, all a matter of confidence. Anyway, this might be a long one, we will just have to see. ***

Speaking of confidence, things haven't been going to plan, as such. That is to say, in the grand non-scheme that is my life, without real plans or objectives, things haven't been going to... well, plan. My writing has all but disappeared, my running has dropped off and my photography remains, at best, sporadic. I have been stressed, constantly tired, struggling to get up in the mornings and to do things in the evenings. I just haven't been myself. Except for the reading. I have read a lot of books over the last 2 months (about 4-6 a week).

Anyway, bollocks to that. I have taken this week off, am sleeping much better, managed a 10 mile run this morning and managed to write some decent stuff yesterday. I am getting up early once again (4am) and tomorrow... tomorrow I just may get my paints and paintbrushes out and paint something. It will be rubbish, but what the hell.


Running. As mentioned above I managed, fairly comfortably, a 10 mile run this morning, which is pretty good considering I have had the hay-fever from hell over the last two days and have only run once a week for the last four weeks.

I started to follow a training plan for the marathon on October, and well, it didn't happen. I guess it is a good example of my general antipathy towards being told what to do, and a training plan does exactly that. I suddenly found myself hating running and not wanting to do the runs as set out. So I have ditched the training plan. I have broad approach in mind, with a rough weekly mileage and a couple of key milestones (e.g. 23 miles three weeks before the race) and I immediately feel happier about this, thoroughly enjoying today's run.

I know. I am weird.


Writing. I have replanned my NaNoWriMo 2009 story and am re-writing elements of it. Yesterday I rewrote the first scene (prologue, I guess) and started on the interlude story, which threads its way through the two main plot arcs in snippets. I liked the original version but felt it didn't have enough threat and devastation in it, so it is being rewritten to suit.

Today I am going to re-write two of those interlude segments  (finishing the first), and finish this month's Watershed Writer's Block challenge, which is to incorporate a given random sentence into the story. It is mostly dialogue but I think I may strip out the non-dialogue and see if it works as well that way.


Hay-fever. I fucking hate hay-fever. I never had it until I arrived in Bristol (city pollution) and haven't had it the last few years, until last year (mild). Now it is horrendous. I have sneezed and coughed so much my ribs hurt. And my nose feels abused.



The next post will be about books, because, well, you know, write what you love, and I loves me some books I does.


me, my monkey and a bottle of Crabbies