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jose on the run (marathon)

I received the information pack for the Loch Ness Marathon this weekend, which brought home the fact that this little adventure of mine is approaching ever more quickly. 12 weeks.

Holey moley.

I have a bit of dip in training (I may have mentioned it before) but it is all getting back on track. I had a lovely, if hard, run on Sunday, following the road past Hay Bluff (near Hay-on-Wye) and back again for 7 miles. Unfortunately I forgot that the first 2.6 miles were uphill, and my legs continue to remind me of it a day later.

Anyway, 12 weeks to go, and miles to run. Looking forward to it immensely, although I still have to book my flights, my (exact) hotel and various other bits.

The weird thing is, because EF has other commitments and my planned running partner Joanna (of Ephemeral Digest fame) was always doubtful to make it (due to little M appearing) I am going to be there on my own. And that will be weird. I ran Cardiff with someone, the Forest of Dean with Hayley, the Bristol 10k with others including EF, and so it will be a bit odd, to be running (and hopefully completing) something so challenging and not really having somebody to share the experience with.

But then I guess running has always been 'just for me', and this should be no different. However, all things being well, I expect some of you will be receiving excited phone calls and texts.

But I get ahead of myself. I have many miles to do yet. And all the running to do them with.

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