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I've been asleep most of today, which follows on from sleeping most of yesterday and pretty much all of last night. I think I both overdid it last week, and pushed too hard in yesterday's long run on what was an expectedly hot day. Suffice to say I think a little dehydration/heat stroke set in, having run out of water by mile 11 of my planned 17 mile run. As it happened my body crashed to a halt not much later, and it was all I could do to push on to half-marathon distance before calling it a day. Unfortunately that left me with a painful and tiring 4 mile walk home. Lesson 1: Plan a route of known doable distance and add loops in at the end to expand to the planned length.

Lesson 2: Take money (unfortunately I swapped my pack from my usual to the one that has a waterbottle, and left my money and card in the former).

Lesson 3: Take more water than you think.

Thankfully I am feeling much better tonight, the headache is all but gone, as is the nausea and the lethargy seems be on the ebb.


This evening I watched Monsters and found it thoroughly enjoyable and lovely. It is a very low-key science-fiction film, and the two leads are superb. I really, really liked it.


I have just been looking at photos of my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and niece on that facebook thingymujiggy and I suddenly realised how much I miss them. There is a particularly beautiful/cute one of the three kids sprawled on the bed, the boys grinning and Coco giving one of her mad scientist stares.

My brother also rang me earlier (waking me up) to let me know that Mum was moving in with them to help look after the children and that it was his idea. A double whammy of surprises, although it is a good idea, as it gives my mum company and allows her time to spend time with them all. Plus she gets to cook for lots of people, which is just about one of her favourite things in the world.


It is nine (nine!) weeks until the Loch Ness Marathon and I am not feeling at all confident that I will be ready in time. It is my own fault, I had a major dip in my running mojo recently, brought on by feeling physically and mentally worn out, and the resurgence hasn't happened quickly enough.

I'm not sure I am going to be ready and, to be honest, I am a little bit scared by that.

Oh well, onwards and upwards and who dares wins, etc.


I am going back to sleep now. Writing this has brought back my headache and I am once again feeling quite tired. I think I have spent something like 20 of the last 29 hours asleep.



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