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words, miles and books

Today I finished Stephen King's 'On Writing - A Memoir' and thoroughly enjoyed it. It got me thinking, analysing myself and my writing, and looking at the reasons for my recent dip in commitment and output. Regardless, I appear to be back on the wagon. Even if, bizarrely, I seem to be writing quite well to trance music.


17 miles tomorrow. The 17 miles I was supposed to do on Sunday, had I not got physically sidetracked by doing this on the preceding Saturday. I have taken tomorrow off to run, write, get my haircut and so on and so forth. I may have a slice of cake. A big one.

If you want to join me I will be running 6 laps of Bristol Harbour (it is roughly 2.54 miles per circuit) tomorrow morning, which, with my run there and back, should take me to the required distance.


Books I have read over these last few days:

The Crippled God, Steven Erikson - the finale to this ten book series, this had me in tears in far too many places. Epic, breath-taking, resolving so many of the complex strands of plot with elegance and humanity. I am in awe. I may have to read them all again. If I ever write anything as good as this series of books...

Echo City, Tim Lebbon - one of my random let's-try-it-I-quite-like-the-cover-and-blurb choices from the other day. I actually quite enjoyed it. Some great ideas, a wonderful central premise, and complete without having too much explained but enough to fire the imagination. More could have been done with some of the ideas, but I am being critical.

The Fade, Chris Wooding - I like Chris Wooding. He is a varied writer and The Fade is another superb idea that is beautifully realised. Loved the central character, and the world felt rich and real and tangible. Great stuff.

A Fire Forged in Darkness, Chris Evans - I struggled to like this the first time I tried to read it. This time round I romped through it and enjoyed it. It isn't brilliantly written, and the plot is a little clunky in places, but do you know what? I don't care. I want to read the next one, and that is all that matters sometimes.

Secrets of the Fire Sea, Stephen Hunt - this is book four of five (so far) set in SH's Jackalian world. I thoroughly enjoy this steampunkesque series, they are exciting reads, cracking along at a great pace with memorable characters and great twists. Of the four I have read so far this is probably the weakest one but it was still very enjoyable, expanding slightly on the world in quite an interesting direction.


Just in case you couldn't be bothered to click on the link to what I was doing on Saturday, it was this: