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The Story

I am penning this on a train, having spent the day out of Bristol visiting a friend . I am doing this on my HTC Desire HD phone, having finally managed to get my WordPress app to work properly (in truth I have done nothing, it just seems to work now).

It has been a good day, full of chat, seeing places and things I have never seen before, walking in the rain, planning, thinking and mooching. And I wrote the outline to my next nanowrimo novel, which as some of you are aware, will be based in Japan. And I can't wait to write it.

For the first time in a long time I  have a story that seems to have a real structure, a decent plot and is pretty cohesive in my head (whether or not any of these ring true on paper is another thing altogether).  Basing it in one of my favourite countries and cultures (although I've never been) just makes it all the more exciting. And it means I get to research all sorts of stuff legitimately. And I get to explore some of my favourite themes in modern day, historical and mythic settings. All good stuff.

I just need to finish this other nano novel first. Eek!

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