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september 11th

Today will be an odd day. It is, of course, the anniversary of the Twin Towers tragedy, an event that shocked a country out of its innocence. People died, and the world changed irrevocably on that day. Today is the anniversary of my dad's passing. Today is one of those days when I unaccountably miss him, and then I remember why. I was just looking for the post above and found this. And yes, I am a little teary, a little sad, and I miss him more than anything.

Today I will be running the Bristol Half-marathon, an event I have never entered before. It looks to be a nice day, warm, bright, a little windy. There will be thousands of other runners with me, all looking to enjoy the day, some for themselves, some for others, many for both. It is a challenge, as every day is a challenge, lesser for some, greater for others. For me it has always been about the run, just getting out there, enjoying it, feeling it, doing it. My dad was a little like that, about doing and enjoying and simply being. He was about doing what was interesting, enjoyable and right.

I think my brother and I are more like him than we suspect. There are reflections in attitude, in philosophy, in a view of the world that are reminiscent of him, of my mother. Understandable, obvious even, but somehow always surprising.

So I will run today, go for a bimble, chug my way round 13.1 miles, and I will be thinking of stuff as I go. I'm not sure what, or whom, but I think I can guess.

And then, when the day is quieter, the run accomplished, I will ring my mum and my brother, have a chat, see how they are, arrange to visit them.

I miss them too.

bristol half marathon 2011

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