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bristol half marathon 2011

The half-marathon yesterday was fun. As ever it was well organised (although we were unsure as to where we were supposed to join the 'queue' to get in the pens). The atmosphere and support was excellent although the 'tacked on' bit from St Mary Redcliffe to Baldwin Street felt like it was only there to get the mileage with very few people were there. All in all though, a good day out, a lovely run out along the Portway and back, with very friendly runners making the atmosphere better than expected. The camaraderie before, on the run and afterwards was excellent.

I ran the race with Emma, as it was her first, and she ran it very well indeed, even if the pace was higher than she wanted. Simon joined us at the beginning (having worked out where we were from the big screen), before eventually disappearing off at mile 9. We had a great time running together, chatting and laughing and cheering on friends (Matt and Jo, for instance).

The reward... a lovely roast dinner at Start the Bus, coffee and cake at Jacqui and Monty's and then pizza back home.

Oh, and this was rather nice too.

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